The CHUV’S mission is triple. First, the hospital serves the students registered in the doctorate of veterinary medicine program for clinical training as well as the graduates in specialized programs at the Faculty of veterinary medicine. Second, the CHUV has the vocation to serve both the public and the agricultural community by offering a wide range of first, second and third line veterinary services. Finally, the CHUV’s multidisciplinary teams of specialists along with specialised state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructures make it a unique clinical research centre in animal health in the province of Quebec. The CHUV therefore allows progression of knowledge and innovation in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of animal disease.

The teachers, supported by many professionals and technicians, can count on highly specialised modern equipment. Such resources enable the CHUV to offer multiple veterinary services all essential to progress and research in the field of veterinary medicine in Quebec. The CHUV also takes part in many cross-cutting projects with other departments of the University of Montreal such as the School of public health.