Research and clinical trials at the equine hospital


The CHUV is a unique clinical research center on animal health in Quebec, due to a combination of multidisciplinary teams of specialists, infrastructures and advanced equipment. It enables the advancement of knowledge and innovation in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal diseases.

The Equine Hospital, more specifically, allows the advancement of knowledge on equine diseases and their treatment, to improve the health and performance of horses. Some research projects also contribute to the advancement of knowledge in human health, particularly in the areas of osteoarthritis and respiratory diseases. It is important to note that the horse is considered an animal model for these types of diseases. For these reasons, Dr. Jean-Pierre Lavoie and Dr. Sheila Laverty are members of the Centers of Excellence in Research of the Government of Canada. Furthermore, Dr. Laverty serves on the Board of director’s of ThéCell, a cell and tissue therapy network funded by the Government of Quebec. Dr. Lavoie, on the other hand, is a member of the executive committee of the Respiratory Health Network of Quebec funded by Fond de recherche Québec – Santé comprised of over 130 researchers, physicians, pulmologists and health professionals affiliated with large university medical centers in Quebec. Both Dr. Lavoie’s (Research laboratory on equine asthma) and Dr. Laverty’s (Laboratory for comparative orthopaedics) laboratories collaborate with several other institutions in Quebec, Canada and at the international level.

Several clinical trials are carried out each year at the Equine Hospital, on horses belonging to the institution or, in some cases, with the participation of client owned horses. It is important to note that patients from the Equine hospital are never involved in research projects without prior permission from the owner.