The Equine Hospital facilities

The CHUV’s Equine Hospital is well equipped with 36 safe and spacious stalls with either wood shavings or straw bedding. We also have 3 stalls that can accommodate mares with their foals; all equipped with detachable separation barriers and privacy curtains. A stall is reserved for outpatient consultations such as for lameness exams and 3 waiting stalls are used for triage upon arrival at the hospital.

The CHUV also has an intensive care unit (ICU) with 4 stalls equipped with surveillance cameras. The ICU also has continuous electrocardiogram monitoring, a Foal Alert surveillance system, fluid therapy systems and a hoist intended for horses with neurological problems.

Finally, the Equine Hospital has 3 isolation stalls equipped with independent ventilation systems destined for animals suspected of having contagious diseases.

Other equipment and infrastructures in the Equine Hospital:

  • Indoor riding arena for evaluation of lunged or ridden horses and for semen collection
  • Three consultation rooms
  • High speed treadmill
  • Hallway for lameness evaluations
  • Hydrotherapy room
  • Two surgery rooms (orthopedic and soft tissue)
  • One standing surgery room
  • One induction with hoist and rolling table
  • Two recovery rooms with direct observatories and video surveillance
  • Advanced medical imaging equipment (numerical x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, scintigraphy, computed-tomography, etc.)
  • Semen analysis and freezing laboratory
  • Rapid access to the diagnostics laboratory
  • Complete pharmacy
  • Wide doors to facilitate loading and unloading of the trailer
  • A cozy waiting room

Care is assured by an experienced team of professionals, allowing all clinical parameters to be taken into account around the clock.