The preventive medicine service


The preventive medicine Service of the Field Services Clinic offers its clients planned consultations at the farm. The frequency of the visits is set by the farmer (weekly, monthly, as needed, etc.).

The preventive medicine Service team is made up of professors and clinicians well-known for their expertise in both dairy cows and beef cattle.

  • Diet
  • Management of replacement animals
  • Management of locomotor problems
  • Parasitism
  • Production (quota management)
  • Environment control
  • Control of infectious and non-infectious diseases
  • Reproduction
  • Mammary health
  • Vaccination

The preventive medicine Service can sedate difficult animals using a tranquilizer gun if needed.

  • Dr. Émile Bouchard
  • Dr. Luc DesCôteaux
  • Dr. Jocelyn Dubuc
  • Dr. Mauricio Badillo
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Bélanger
  • Dr. Ariane Bonneville-Hébert
  • Dr. Guillaume Boulay
  • Dr. Véronique Fauteux
  • Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Morin
  • Dr. Maylee St-Pierre