This form is used to determine the urgency of the consultation.

The medical record will be consulted by the team only at the time of the consultation.

This form is exclusively reserved for veterinarians and staff of veterinary clinics. Referral requests completed directly by owners will not be processed.

If your animal requires a referral to our specialist services, please contact your regular veterinarian. Thank you for your understanding.

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    Please attach a copy of the medical file including imaging and laboratory tests (en .pdf, .jpg, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, 4 MB per file maximum).

    You can also send them to us by email at with the name of the patient and the department to which they are referred in the subject line.

    We will contact the owner to offer an appointment. However, you will be notified if we are unable to see the animal within a reasonable time frame based on its condition.