Digital X-Rays

The medical imaging service of the CHUV is equipped with two x-ray rooms destined to companion animals and one room for large animals (horses, cows, exotics, etc.).

The main companion animal x-ray room is equipped with an x-ray and fluoroscopy machine (Siemens Iconos). With a photo-electric cell that determines exposure factors, the power of this machine allows for the reduction of the exposure time to 1/600e of a second and for the attaining of precise pictures. Since we cannot ask our patients to breathe in and hold their breath, this technology is essential to veterinary medicine. The fluoroscopic capacity of this machine allows for the assessment of tracheal and oesophageal function as well as for many x-ray guided procedures (complex catheter placement, tissue aspiration). The second x-ray room is mainly used when the amount of cases is high, therefore allowing for many patients to be x-rayed at the same time and reducing waiting time. This room is equipped with a high frequency machine largely used in veterinary practice and is also used by the students for their practical work allowing for a better preparation during the DVM program.

The third x-ray room is dedicated to the large animals. It is equipped with a very powerful machine, suspended from the ceiling and allowing for the examination of the thicker areas of the animal such as the cranium, spine, lungs and pelvis yet at the same time limiting artefacts related to movement. This apparatus also allows the taking of the multiple radiographic projections necessary for lameness and sale-purchase exams. Three portable machines are also available, allowing x-rays to be taken in the animal’s stall or directly in surgery. Students are also allowed to use these machines to acquire experience.

All our equipment is operated by specialised medical imaging technologists to ensure efficiency, quality, and diagnostic value to all x-rays taken. All x-rays are then interpreted by a specialist in medical imaging.

Finally, to ensure that our DVM students are well prepared, they are also familiarized with the more classic film based x-rays.