In operation at the CHUV since 2004, tomodensitometry uses 360◦ X-rays to make images of slices of the object of interest. These images can be reconstructed into other planes even in 3D.

The technological improvement of more recent machines now allows imaging of a region of the animal within a few seconds. With greater definition of the image and the use of contrast medium, we are able to assess a multitude of pathologies.

Since 2009, the medical imaging service of the CHUV is equipped with a table that can support the weight of large animals, therefore allowing the evaluation of certain parts of horses and cows such as the head and limbs.

The complexity of the equipment and of the structures it can evaluate demands advanced knowledge, not only for the uptake of images but for their interpretation. At the CHUV, a team of imaging specialists and specialised imaging technologists allow for optimization of the use of the CT Scan to enhance clinical information that can be obtained.