Ultrasonography is an ultra-specialized diagnostic tool that allows the visualisation and evaluation of structures throughout the body.  It is non-invasive and therefore painless and without risk or side effects for the patient.  Ultrasonography is particularly indicated for the evaluation of the heart, liver, spleen, digestive tract, kidneys, bladder and genital organs. It often enables the diagnosis of multiple disorders of the abdominal cavity such as tumors, cysts and infections that otherwise would necessitate an invasive exploratory surgery. Ultrasonography is also evidently very useful for the early diagnosis of gestation.

The advent of the ultrasound has eliminated numerous surgical procedures. Many minor interventions, such as fine needle aspirates for cytological examination, biopsies for histopathological analysis, abscess and cyst drainage, etc., can be performed with the guidance of the ultrasound. The diagnosis and grading of certain tumors can therefore be made and a prognosis given to the client without the need for more complex, invasive and expensive procedures.