The Equine Theriogenology Service acquires a NucleoCounter


The NucleoCounter has become the best equipment for evaluation of total number and viability of sperm from an ejaculate,  whether it’s raw or diluted. In addition to its high precision and accuracy, this equipment has the advantage to be appropriate for the semen of many different species.

The precise determination of the number of spermatozoid and sperm viability in an ejaculate are the key points in an equine artificial insemination program. These parameters are used to assess the quality of the semen and determine the required dose for insemination. As the NucleoCounter machine is fast, accurate and consistent, the number of doses of semen per ejaculate is quickly determined and the number of sperm per dose may be reduced, making it possible to inseminate more mares. These advantages are particularly important for frozen semen.

This device will allow us to make our semen bank, already growing, even more efficient. Combined with our expertise in andrology, the amount of semen testing will also increase, hence the importance of this acquisition.

The purchase of the NucleoCounter was made possible by funding offered by the CHUV’s Fund. The Faculté de médecine vétérinaire has created this fund to promote the acquisition of advanced equipment and support the implementation of new technologies. The donors support allows the CHUV to remain an international reference in veterinary medicine, and also improves the quality of care for animals and support the training of veterinary students.