Your donation can make a difference

Your support is essential to enable the CHUV to contribute to the advancement of veterinary medicine. Every day we encounter new challenges for which financial resources are sometimes limited.

By making a donation you can:

  • Allow the purchase of state of the art medical equipment;
  • Contribute to research, allowing to better understand diseases and develop treatments;
  • Make an impact on human medicine from breakthroughs in veterinary medicine (respiratory problems, joint disease, etc.);
  • Improve quality of care offered to animals;
  • Support the training of new veterinarians.

To allow the CHUV to remain a leader in animal health in the province of Quebec, the Faculty of veterinary medicine of the University of Montreal has created a fund destined to the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment and to the development of new technologies. This fund will facilitate the start of new activities and services by making the necessary sums readily available on an annual basis. This financial support is essential considering the rapid advancement in scientific knowledge and the continuous enhancement of medical equipment.

Make a donation to the CHUV Fund

By contributing to the Companion animal health Fund, you will not only be contributing to the advancement of science but also to the improvement in the quality of life of companions animals. Your donation is precious because it will help us finance innovative research projects having positive impact on both animals and their owners. The amounts collected will allow the exploration of diverse medical problems, the development of diagnostic tools and surgical skills and the elaboration of new therapeutic methods.

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The hospitalisation of an injured bird can last from one day to as long as one year depending on the seriousness of the injury. The quality of the care and of the facilities is of capital importance to see our mission through and to prevent many problems associated with captivity. Since the birds of prey Clinic cannot charge any of its costs to an owner, it operates on the basis of the Good Samaritan.

The Birds of prey clinic collects donation to allow it to thrive and assure the high quality of care needed for these animals. A donor recognition program has been established by the Faculty of veterinary medicine of the University of Montreal. Many types of recognitions are possible depending on the nature of the donation.

To make a donation to the Birds of prey clinic Fund (please check “other” and indicate Birds of prey clinic Fund

This fund was set up to optimise equine health by supporting research activities related to horse health. The amounts collected will finance research conducted by the professors and clinicians who offer services at the equine Hospital and participate in its functioning.

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This fund was created to allow the purchase of medical equipment specifically destined to activities in the equine Hospital.

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The Faculty of veterinary medicine (FVM) is the second largest campus of the University of Montreal. The FVM trains veterinarians of tomorrow and offers continuing education to its alumni. Also, the FVM is the most important research centre in the Montérégie area and is recognised worldwide.

At the dawn of the 21st century, we present you with influential projects that will allow us to respond to the ever growing demands of today’s society and reinforce our position as the only francophone veterinary Faculty in America. We wish to raise the philanthropist to the level of investor in society, appreciate the donor as a visionary. We insist on using every dollar as leverage, each investment as ferment, each engagement as a stepping stone. In short, we offer our donors a chance to partake in change.

I therefore invite you to familiarize yourselves with the issues and challenges related to these great projects. And, in the name of our campaign cabinet, I thank you for your commitment.

Michel Carrier, DVM

To make a donation or to obtain more information regarding a donation, please contact the development Bureau of the Faculty of veterinary medicine by phone (450-773-8521 extension 8552) or by email. Please do not forget to specify your interest for the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vétérinaire and to identify the service or area of interest to which you would like to make a donation.