To address the need for minor emergency services for pets, the Emergency Service of the CHUV’s Small Animal Hospital is introducing an emergency telemedicine service (for cats and dogs only), which is already accessible 24/7, contingent upon the availability of on-site staff*.

This service is aimed primarily at clients lacking access to veterinary care and incurs a fee (comprising a file opening fee and applicable consultation fee), excluding any prescribed medications.

In certain cases, patients may require referral to a veterinary clinic or hospital for further consultation.

Examples of cases suitable for telemedicine consultations include:

  • Urgent cases in remote areas without veterinary services
  • Non-life-threatening intoxications
  • Allergic reactions
  • Bloodless diarrhea
  • Lameness with weight-bearing
  • Back pain without limb weakness
  • Dysuria (difficulty urinating) in cats
  • Superficial wounds
  • No case will be seen in telemedicine for a chronic condition.


How telemedicine consultations work

Initial contact is made with a veterinary technician to determine whether the case is eligible for a telemedicine consultation and, if so, to open the file.

The consultation will take place on the Zoom platform, or by telephone. Photos and videos may be sent by e-mail prior to the consultation.

During the consultation, clients will interact with emergency medicine interns and veterinary trainees, all supervised by experienced emergency medicine teaching clinicians to ensure the highest standard of care.

If deemed necessary, a personalized treatment plan will be formulated, including the issuance of any required prescriptions, as well as facilitating referrals to specialized services as needed.

To reach the 24-hour emergency telemedicine service: 450-778-8111

* Priority of care will be given to patients on site. The availability of the telemedicine service may vary, and in some instances, there may be a waiting period.