The Dermatology Service


Skin problems can be very frustrating for owners and their pets. Hundreds of skin diseases exist and many have similar presentations. A consultation with a specialist in dermatology can make a big difference in your pet’s health. Although our dermatology team mostly treats dog and cat skin problems, they are happy to offer their services to other species such as horses, farm animals and exotic pets.

  • Evaluation and management of complex dermatologic conditions or ones not responding to conventional treatments;
  • Evaluation and management of simple and complex external otitis cases by video-otoscopy;
  • Evaluation and management of allergy related skin problems including intradermic allergy testing;
  • Evaluation and treatment of parasitic, bacterial and fungal skin diseases;
  • Evaluation of ulcerative, nodular, crusting, squamous and pustular dermatitis;
  • Evaluation of excessive shedding;
  • Evaluation of thyroid problems.
  • Dr. Julie Lefrançois
  • Dr. Jeanne Morency
Veterinary Technician
  • Mélanie Fontaine