Equine Behavior Medicine

The Behavioral Medicine Service now offers many services to equine patients: this include biomedical training for horses that need frequent care or those who have developed a phobia of veterinarians; aggression towards humans or other horses; stereotypies (weaving, wind-sucking, etc.); lack of sleep syndrome; anxiety; behavior problems in hand and saddle. We also offer 24-hour video analysis, which can help identify limbs affected by intermittent or subtle lameness, signs of gastric ulcers or neurological signs. Finally, we can design tailor-made programs to preserve both muscular mass and the well-being of horses that must be put to rest in the box. We work closely with the different services of the Equine Hospital.

We offer a consultation service at the CHUV or as outpatient. Do not hesitate to ask your regular vet for referral.

This service is for current patients of the Behavioral Medicine Service only. No request will be accepted for animals that are not followed by our team.

Request for follow-up (one time)

Request for follow-up (for 6 months)

Prescription renewal (non urgent)

Prescription renewal (urgent)



  • Dr. Isabelle Bazin