Decentralization of some activities of the Equine Theriogenology Service

In order to better serve its customers, the CHUV is pleased to announce that from February 15, 2021, part of the services offered by its Equine Theriogenology Service will be provided at the SP2 farm, located in Saint-Hyacinthe, nearby of the CHUV.

The activities concerned are the monitoring and insemination of mares, the evaluation of reproductive potential as well as the collection and transfer of embryos.

Monitoring of at-risk mares (dystocia, metritis, placentitis, etc.) as well as the collection of stallions will continue to be offered exclusively in CHUV facilities.

This new mode of operation will allow us to welcome more patients in adapted facilities while maintaining our usual service standards.

To make an appointment in equine theriogenology, we invite you to contact us in the usual way, either with the Admissions Service of the Equine Hospital at 450-778-8100.

Vaccination status required for horses presented to the Equine Theriogenology Service

At the beginning of the breeding season and in addition to the announcement of the decentralization of certain services offered in equine theriogenology to the SP2 stable, we would like to inform you of the prerequisites for admission in terms of vaccination status.

An up-to-date Influenza and Herpesvirus vaccination will be required for any horse presenting to the Equine Theriogenology Service in the facilities of the SP2 Stable (the primary vaccination or booster must be done within the last 6 months and at least 1 week before admission to the stable, as in the CHUV facilities). For any questions relating to the vaccination of your animal, we invite you to contact your regular veterinarian.

The Equine Theriogenology Service


The CHUV’s theriogenology (reproduction) Service offers a complete line of services regarding equine reproduction with access to state of the art equipment and facilities. Our team works closely with other specialized services such as anesthesiology, internal medicine (including neonatology), medical imaging and surgery, for complications during foaling or surgical procedures of the reproductive system. The theriogenology team is made up of specialists in reproduction who are very active in the research field. They are assisted by qualified animal health technicians and animal care attendants that have been well trained to handle breeding stallions.

The equine theriogenology service has its own facilities:

  • Designated stalls
  • Mare-foal stalls with detachable safety barrier (neonatal unit)
  • Foaling surveillance system (neonatal unit)
  • Semen analysis laboratory
  • Facilities for conservation of frozen semen
  • Semen collection facilities in an indoor arena with collection dummy
  • Access to advanced imaging equipment (ultrasound, numerical x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT Scan), etc.)
  • Dr. Mouhamadou Diaw


  • Dr. Ignacio Raggio


Veterinary technician
  • Karine Leblanc

For details concerning services offered  by our theriogelogy team, please contact us.