The Lameness service


The Lameness Service consists of a team of professors and clinical specialists in the field of sports medicine as well as residents and interns in training. They are assisted by veterinary technicians and animal care attendants trained to handle horses during lameness examinations.

If necessary, medical imaging, surgery and anesthesiology services will join the lameness service to facilitate diagnosis and treatment.

All types of horses of all breeds can be evaluated, both great athletes and simple companions. We can provide in-depth investigations to support the work of your veterinarian when needed.

Upon arrival of the horse, an initial clinical examination will be carried out by the specialist, accompanied by students. This physical examination, lasting three to four hours without hospitalization includes an evaluation of the gaits on a straight line and on the lunge and an ultrasound or x-ray of one or two joints. The price varies from $ 300 to $ 500. A written report will be given to the owner as well as the regular veterinarian.

Additional examinations under local anesthesia, as well as advanced medical imaging may be performed if appropriate and will be charged in addition to the initial examination.

A treatment plan will be offered following the diagnosis, which may include medication, surgery or in some cases, biotherapy.

Before you make an appointment for a consultation, make sure you have a reference from your regular veterinarian, and if possible, bring your horse’s medical record and any recent x-rays.

Advanced medical imaging devices such as ultrasound, digital radiography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), bone scintigraphy and computed tomography (CT scan) are routinely used by the Lameness Service to help make an accurate diagnosis. Arthroscopy and tenoscopy can also be used as diagnostic tools.

In addition to medication, various surgical procedures, such as arthroscopy or tenoscopy can be proposed and you will be referred to the Surgery Service, when appropriate.

A new type medical therapy (regenerative or biotherapy) has also been set up at the Equine Hospital in recent years and can be offered, in some cases of tendinitis or osteoarthrosis, joint disease or after certain types of traumas.

The various therapeutic and rehabilitation programs offered by our team may involve the participation of your veterinarian, your farrier or your coach, according to your horses needs and your goals.

The Lameness Service has adapted areas for horse locomotor system examinations, such a high-speed treadmill, a corridor with a hard floor and an indoor arena for lunging or riding on sand.

A section is intended for horses that do not require hospitalization, thus limiting unnecessary displacements of the animal through the hospital.

  • Dr. Karine Pader
  • Dr. Morgane Schambourg


  • Dr. Yves Rossier


  • Dr. Gwladys Malek
  • Dr. Clara Raïsky
  • Dr. Alexandra Labordere
  • Dr. Debora Moreira Grass
  • Dr. Camille Ruault

The Lameness Service provides consultations from Monday to Friday at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm. Do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.