The Sport Medicine Service

The sports medicine Service offers access to a team of experienced specialists well known in their field expertise. The team works in cooperation with specialists from the many other areas such as surgery, internal medicine, medical imaging, anesthesiology and neurology to offer a multidisciplinary approach. Many research projects done by our teams will allow important developments in terms of equine athletic performance in the years to come.

The types of problems treated include:

  • Lameness
  • Orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems
  • Decreased performances in the equine athlete (respiratory, cardiovascular, etc.)

From the dressage ring to the race track, from the performance arena to the show jumping course, whatever your goal; our team will be there to help you achieve it!

Since certain problems are only detectable during exercise, the CHUV is equipped with a high speed treadmill able to achieve a speed of 45 km/hour with an incline of up to 5 degrees. The CHUV also has an interior arena and a dynamic endoscope allowing the evaluation of the horse’s condition while ridden or lunged or even harnessed. A cardiac ultrasound can also be done while resting or during exercise if needed.
Advanced medical imaging such as ultrasound, endoscopy, numerical x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, bone scintigraphy and computed tomography (CT-Scan) allow our team to obtain rapid and precise diagnoses.

Diverse surgical procedures for example laser surgery for respiratory obstructions can be offered and your horse can be referred to the surgery Service if necessary.

A new type of treatment through regenerative medicine (biotherapy) has also been set up at the Equine hospital in the past few years. This type of treatment can be used in certain cases of tendinitis, osteoarthritis, joint disease or following certain types of trauma. The multiple therapeutic and rehabilitation programs proposed by our team can require the participation of your regular veterinarian and your trainer depending on your horses needs and your objectives.

The sports medicine Service is well equipped with areas specially adapted to examinations related to performance in the equine athlete as well as to its musculoskeletal system such as an interior arena with sand footing, a high speed treadmill and a hard floor corridor.

  • Dr. Daniel Jean
  • Dr. Louis Kamus
  • Dr. Jean-Pierre Lavoie
  • Dr. Mathilde Leclère
  • Dr. Morgane Schambourg
  • Dr. Karine Pader
  • Dr. Susana Macieira
  • Dr. Marion Allano
  • Dr. Pavlina Ruzickova
  • Dr. Christophe Céleste
  • Dr. Andres Felipe Giraldo
  • Dr. Yves Rossier
  • Dr. Berta Mozo Vives
  • Dr. Alexandra Labordere
  • Dr. Gwladys Malek
  • Dr. Patricia Arnaiz Saura
  • Dr. Clara Raïsky
  • Dr. Debora Moreira Grass
  • Dr. Camille Ruault


Veterinary Technicians
  • Véronique Bergeron
  • Myriam Cossette
  • Maude Forest
  • Kelly-Ann Richer
  • Sarah Lachapelle
  • Andréanne Lachance
  • Dominique Mitchell Carrière
  • Yves Quintal