The General Practice Service


The CHUVs General Practice Service represents the type of practice in which the vast majority of our new graduates will practice in their profession. Our mission is to expose the students to clinical cases representative of routine veterinary small animal practice. Communication, education and customer service represent the major issues in the elaboration of a tailored clinical approach.

  • Physical examinations for the purchase of puppies and kittens
  • Preventive medicine :
    • Education on animal wellfare
    • Immunization program tailored to the individual
    • Deworming schedule tailored to your pets age and environment
    • Parasite prevention program
    • Nutrition
    • Microchip implantation
    • Hip dysplasia evaluation (Pennhip, OFA)
  • Curative medicine for common conditions:
    • Diagnostics and outpatient treatments
    • Hospitalization, care and treatments
  • Tailored care of the aging animal
  • Surgery :
    • Canine and feline spay and neutor
    • General soft tissue surgery (cystotomy, mass excision, skin lacerations, caesarian section, etc.).
Veterinary Technicians