New perspectives in semen evaluation with CASA automated analysis system


The CASA system is the reference of major laboratories of andrology (physiology and pathology of the male reproductive system) in humans and animals. This highly powerful automated system allows rapid, repeatable and accurate analysis of a semen sample. The device allows to visualize several fields, to capture more than 1000 spermatozoa in images, to record the complete characteristics and to store the information in a database. This system provides important information for quality assurance of commercial semen and is an indispensable tool in the diagnosis of fertility disorders and in research programs.

The evaluation of the semen, in order to assess the chances of fertility is an important step in reproduction. This examination, carried out after any semen collect or before any insemination involves the use of a precision diagnostic equipment. This equipment, sometimes called a “sperm quality analyzer”, is currently not accessible in Quebec. Its acquisition will contribute to the reliability of the results obtained and will allow an objective, repeatable and detailed evaluation of 14 parameters in a semen sample in 2 minutes. The time saved will allow the preparation of the semen doses as soon as possible which will result in a better quality of the final product.

The CASA system will complement the use of the NucleoCounter, a system acquired through the Fond du CHUV a few years ago. The combination of these two systems will allow a very complete evaluation of the semen in the stallion.

The purchase of this device was made possible thanks to a call for projects launched by the Fond du CHUV. The Faculté de médecine vétérinaire has created this fund to promote the acquisition of advanced equipment and support the implementation of new technologies. The support of donors allows the CHUV to remain an international reference in veterinary medicine, but also to improve the quality of care provided to animals and to support the training of the veterinarians.